The SRTF Improves Food Security for Over 280,000 Syrians Every Month in 2020

Amman – Thursday, February 18, 2021 – The SRTF’s dedication to improving food security in Syria has proven successful in 2020. This past year, the SRTF’s food security efforts resulted in an average of 280,542 beneficiaries receiving bread every month of 2020. These numbers are a result of the SRTF-supported wheat mills that produced enough flour to be distributed to 175 bakeries throughout Aleppo Governorate. In 2020, nearly 20,000 tons of wheat was milled, and more than 16,900 tons of flour were dispatched to 83 local bakeries.


Under the first phase of a multi-phase food security project, one of the SRTF-supported flour mills produced nearly 11,000 metric tons (MT) of wheat, which resulted in 8,860 MT of flour that was distributed to more than 73 unique bakeries. The three bakeries established under this project utilized the inputs provided by the SRTF to produce over 6.5 million bundles of bread during 2020, which resulted in nearly 36,000 families receiving bread every day. The procured bread was distributed via SRTF-provided bread distribution trucks, making it easier for beneficiaries to access this critical food staple.


Meanwhile, the second and third phases of this project also continued to make a resounding impact in the targeted communities. The former provided 7,146 farmers with nearly 470,000 hessian sacks this year and dispatched nearly 27,000 MT of flour to bakeries. The SRTF delivered 15,000 MT of wheat to the third phase and produced over 14,300 MT of flour, that was distributed to numerous bakeries.

Finally, after nearly four years, the SRTF successfully closed and completed its largest project in the Fund’s history. This food security project established two milling plants, supplied two mobile flour mills, and delivered 20,000 MT of soft wheat. In addition, the SRTF provided hessian sacks, operational costs for the flour mills, and technical training for the supplied equipment. These efforts resulted in an average of 404,000 Syrians receiving bread every month, 188% above the project’s initial target beneficiaries.


Furthermore, this impactful project came in under budget. The surplus funds were used to secure 1,596 tents, 29,965 blankets, 31,002 food rations, 12,749 hygiene kits, and four medication kits for 50,000 internally displaced people (IDPs).


The SRTF’s fruitful efforts to enhance food security received further applause from the SRTF Director General, Eng. Hani Khabbaz. He noted, “Improving food security is one of the SRTF’s core goals. The work the Fund has been able to achieve this year confirms that its work to improve the overall food security situation in Syria is on the right track. The SRTF is committed to further enhancing this sector and will continue to strive towards success for the Syrian people.”


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