Feed Supplements Delivered to Farmers in Northern Aleppo

Türkiye  – Sunday , February 7, 2021– The SRTF’s ongoing agriculture project, “Supporting the Recovery of Livestock Production in Northern Aleppo Governorate” received  two shipments for a total of 7,200 metric tons (MT) of livestock feed supplements today to be used for dairy livestock, calves, sheep and goats milk production and fattening.


The implementing entity (IE) distributed 50% of the dairy, 35% of the calf, and 65% of the sheep and goat supplements to the beneficiaries, so far. An estimated 20,300 livestock breeders will directly benefit from these feed supplements as they increase livestock production of milk and meat. This project has a budget of EUR 3.7 million and aims to restore confidence and productivity in the agriculture sector.


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Supporting the Recovery of Livestock Production in Northern Aleppo Governorate


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