The SRTF Approves a Package to Respond to a Possible COVID-19 Outbreak in Northern Aleppo.

Amman- Saturday, 28th March- The SRTF approved a package to support a number of health facilities with required equipment, medication and consumables to prepare for possible outbreak in Northern Aleppo. The package is part of the SRTF’s Emergency Response Plan (ERP) to the IDPs in Northern Aleppo which was launched late last month.

The decision comes in light of the alarmingly escalating COVID-19 pandemic that is spreading across the world. It was therefore essential to take precautionary measures and prepare the health service providers with necessary medical equipment, medication, and consumables to respond to any possible COVID-19 outbreaks in support of the host and IDP communities in Northern Aleppo.

The package includes medical equipment, including ventilators, oxygen generators, ICU beds, etc. isolation and quarantine tents, medication, and medical consumables for 3 months and protection equipment to the medical staff. Additionally, the package includes 5000 hygiene kits and 600 tents to support IDPs in the targeted communities.

The plan is based on response plan for NW of Syria prepared by Health Custer led by World Health Organization (WHO) and in close coordination with local health actors. 


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