A New Delivery of Solar-Energy-Powered Refrigerators of Livestock Vaccines in the North of Aleppo

Türkiye - Monday, 24th February 2020 - Today, the SRTF delivered eight solar-energy-powered refrigerators to the implementing entity (IE) of its project: “Supporting the Recovery of Livestock Production in Northern Aleppo Governorate”. as part of its efforts to support and develop the Livestock Sector in north Aleppo Governorate. The solar-energy-powered refrigerators will be used to store the veterinary vaccines that the fund will deliver to the IE.


These types of refrigerators proved to be highly efficient being powered by solar power; can operate for up to 72 hours without the need to recharge and can be easily reallocated and moved.


This delivery comes as part of the SRTF’s plan to carry out animal vaccination campaigns during the current season with the aim to reduce the spread of diseases that affect livestock. These measures will boost livestock production and help secure basic foodstuffs in local markets as well as the availability of crops which will help beneficiaries generate income and secure the residents ’needs of the necessary food.

The project aims to support about 20,300 livestock owners and their families directly in order to improve their economic conditions and raise the level of food security for the population in general, which will lead to restore confidence in the livestock sector in the targeted communities. The project will also support about 120,000 beneficiaries indirectly.


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Supporting the Recovery of Livestock Production in Northern Aleppo Governorate


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