The SRTF Approves Two Projects Addressing Agriculture and Electricity Needs in Aleppo

Frankfurt – Thursday, 20 June 2019 - The Syria Recovery Trust Fund (SRTF) announced the approval of two recovery projects at the Management Committee (MC) meeting today. The first project: "Agricultural Support to Farmers in Northern Aleppo" Project, passed through a fast track approval process at the MC meeting due to its high priority. The second approved project is: “Rehabilitation of the Medium and Low Voltage Grid in Urban, Sub-urban and Rural Communities.” A total budget of EUR 4 Million was allocated for the two projects.


The agriculture project’s expected results include establishing economically viable crop farms with access to local market; households’ improved access to agricultural inputs and benefits, as well as, efficient training provided in field crop production practices and financial management of field operations. At a total budget of EUR 2.4 million, some 7500 farmers are expected to benefit directly from this project while 37500 beneficiaries will be reached indirectly.


Upon completion of the second approved electricity project, expected results include improved reliability and quality of the electrical supply at the household level and for essential public services facilities, in addition to increased technical operational capacity and efficiency in provision of services by the project implementing entity (IE). Notably, the power supply to households will provide improved access to internet and news media which has a positive impact on the empowerment of women, girls and boys thereby contributing to an increase in public awareness. At an allocated budget of EUR 1.6 million, the project will directly benefit some  50,000 people,  including a large number of IDP families who currently reside in targeted areas.


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Rehabilitation of the Medium and Low Voltage Grid in Urban, Sub-urban and Rural Communities in a Northern District in Aleppo

Agricultural Support to Farmers in Northern Aleppo


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