The SRTF Announces the Start of Distribution of Home Repair Support Packages to Residents in Ar-Raqqa City

Ar-Raqqa – Saturday, 9 March 2019  The SRTF announces the start of distribution of home repair support packages to residents in Ar-Raqqa Governorate  in collaboration with an international NGO. The INGO is implementing the SRTF-funded “Home Gardens, Backyard Poultry Kits, and Custom Home repairs for Urban Houses – Phase I” intervention that will improve shelter in targeted areas of Ar-Raqqa Governorate.


During the armed conflict in Northeast Syria, and particularly in the last stages of the military operations to retake Ar-Raqqa city from ISIL, significant damage was inflicted on houses which some residents were unable to repair. The INGO completed the needs assessment in a number of communities and in collaboration with the SRTF field team, home repair support packages will be delivered to eligible residents to facilitate house-led repairs. Renovations works will include window and door replacement, plastering of surfaces, repairs to concrete walls and roofs, plumbing repairs to kitchens and latrines, basic electrical wiring repair, improved ventilation, etc. Up to 1,300 houses will be repaired with this support.


In the coming weeks, home garden and backyard poultry kits will similarly be distributed to reach up to 3,000 additional houses. Through an integrated approach to address immediate housing, food, and livelihood issues – the intervention aims to alleviate barriers to residents that are rebuilding their lives.


SRTF Director General Eng. Hani Khabbaz remarked:


“We are optimistic that this project will offer increased livelihood opportunities for the targeted local community and help residents repair their homes and strategically positions Ar-Raqqa on a stable path toward recovery.”



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Home Gardens, Backyard Poultry Kits, and Custom Home Repairs for Urban Households – Phase I


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