The SRTF Announces Further Progress within Phase II of its “Agriculture Support to Farmers” project in Ar-Raqqa Governorate

Ar-Raqqa – Thursday, 14 Feb 2019 -The SRTF announced the delivery of 168 metric tons compound fertilizers to farmers, as part of a series of deliveries, under its “Agriculture Support to Farmers – Phase II” project, today. The SRTF had delivered and distributed 500 metric tons of cleaned and treated wheat seeds under the same project which was used by farmers in 2018 winter planting season.


Through this intervention, the SRTF is providing four communities in Ar-Raqqa Governorate with the agricultural inputs required to cultivate up to 4,300 hectares. The SRTF was able to expand its agricultural support to a total of seven farming cooperatives by building on the progress and lessons learned from implementation of Phase I of the same project.


SRTF Director General Eng. Hani Khabbaz expressed his comfort with the speed and timeliness of the deliveries and said: “the SRTF is committed to a consistent support to Ar-Raqqa’s agricultural sector to help generate livelihood, provide solid feelings of security and restore stability in communities recovering from the terror of Daesh.”


This intervention involves the supply and distribution of agriculture inputs, including 2,000 metric tons of seeds and fertilizer, pesticide, tarpaulin sheets, and hessian sacks to ensure a productive yield and enough storage materials. Based on lessons learned from Phase I, the SRTF will more than double the inputs and equipment provided under this intervention and scale support to the agricultural sector. This includes the repair, dredging, and cleaning of primary and secondary irrigation canals which are critical to the success of agricultural activities in the area.


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