The Management Unit of SRTF Announces Progress in Civil Works in Support of Food Security Operations in Aleppo Countryside

Turkey – Thursday, 20 December 2018 - The SRTF Management Unit announced significant progress in civil works activities for its “Enhancing food security of Aleppo and Idleb Governorates” project, today. The civil works included the completion of a power generator room and the installation of the metal structure for a flour mill shed in the targeted area.  


Expected to be completed early next year, the shed will host a fixed flour milling plant with 50MT/day milling capacity that will ensure a continued supply of wheat flour to local bakeries in the project’s targeted areas.


Worth approximately EUR 13.7 million, the project has already installed sufficient wheat milling capacities and ensured continuing supplies of both imported and locally grown wheat. It has also established a solid mechanism to secure regular supplies of flour to local bakeries enabling them to produce the much-needed bread for their communities. Eventually, the project will secure the availability of bread at affordable prices for the daily consumption of some two million beneficiaries.


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Enhancing Food Security of Aleppo and Idleb Governorates


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