The SRTF Delivers Fire Extinguishers to SPEG in Support of Food Security Interventions in Dar’a and Quneitra

Jordan – Sunday, 5 May 2018 - The SRTF Management Unit (MU) announced today that it had delivered 53 fire extinguishers of different capacities to the Syrian Public Establishment for Grain (SPEG), the implementing entity of the SRTF “Enhancing Food Security of Dar’a and Quneitra Governorates” project on 28 April 2018. The delivery consisted of 25 extinguishers of 6 kg each, 20 extinguishers of 12 kg each and 8 extinguishers of 25 kg each.

The delivery complements other inputs provided by the MU under this project, which aims to improve food security in the two governorates. 


Worth approximately EUR 6.1 million, the project is also supporting local bakeries with wheat flour, installing conveyor belts, supplying forklifts to maximize outputs at milling sites, and providing laboratory equipment for testing the quality of cereal crops. In addition, the project is creating many employment opportunities for the local communities in catchment areas.

While some 15,000 farming families directly benefit from the project’s support for wheat cropping and harvesting, over 175,000 people will directly benefit from the availability of bread at affordable prices.

It is also estimated that the about 1.4 million people will indirectly benefit from food price stabilization, reduced bread prices, family-wide food security, and economic growth.


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