The SRTF Launches an EUR 3.4 Million Project to Support the Recovery of Crop Production in Dar’a Governorate

Kuwait – Thursday, 29 March 2018 – The SRTF Management Committee (MC) approved a new project to improve the level of food security in the south of Syria today. With a total budget of approximately EUR 3.4 million, the “Support for the Recovery of Crop Production in Dar’a Governorate” project will help recover production of subsistence crops through seeds multiplication and proper application of fertilizers and pesticides by the farming community.


The decline of local seeds production in recent years, due to the lack of support from the regime in Damascus since the outbreak of the Syrian conflict, has largely contributed to below-average yields and poor quality of crops in Dar’a Governorate. The project will address this challenge by enabling the project’s Implementing Entity (IE), the General Organization for Seed Multiplication (GOSMF), to reestablish and consolidate seed farms in the Governorate.


The IE will realize this objective through a series of activities that include, among others, contracting 1,200 farmers for seed multiplication activities. The farmers will be provided with inputs to cultivate seeds of various cereals and legumes under its supervision. Once harvested, GOSMF will proceed with seed sieving, cleaning, treatment, packaging and distribution to local markets. 


By offering quality seeds at affordable and cost-effective prices to local farmers, the IE will contribute to a substantial increase in the cultivated areas and in crops’ production, especially wheat, lentils and chickpeas. In addition, GOSMF will provide farmers with technical support and formation, including training on conservation and sound agricultural practices as well as proper application of pesticides and fertilizers with a view to minimize pollution of other natural resources.


In addition to the 1200 contracted farmers, the number of indirect beneficiaries is expected to reach 200,000 people in the catchment areas. These include poor farming households, especially families headed by women. The project is expected to improve their incomes and living conditions.


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Supporting the Recovery of Crop Production in Dar’a Governorate


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