The SRTF Delivers Motorcycles for Livestock Vaccination Activities in Dar’a Governorate

Jordan – Wednesday, 18 October 2017 – The SRTF Management Unit announced today that progress has been made in implementation of its “Re-establishment of the Livestock Vaccination Programme in Selected Locations of Dar’a Governorate” project with the delivery of motorcycles for use by the vaccination teams. Nine motorcycles received by the project’s implementation entity will be managed by its veterinary services in the targeted communities.

The project aims to meet the pressing need for effective veterinary services that were virtually halted following the outbreak of the Syrian crisis, leading to a substantial increase in the number of livestock affected by the spread of animal diseases. The new delivery will help the veterinary services’ teams efficiently vaccinate farm animals against diseases such as the Foot and Mouth (FMD), Sheep & Goat Pox, Clostridia and Pasteurellosis.


As a result, the project is expected to increase the production, availability, and affordability of meat and milk products, thus, enhancing food security of the local population in Dar’a Governorate. Over 280,000 people will directly benefit from this project, which is also generating employment opportunities for veterinarians, veterinary assistants and other workers associated with livestock and animal husbandry, livestock transportation, processing of milk and dairy products, meat sales, etc.


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