Progress Made in Implementation of an SRTF Solid Waste Management Project in Dar'a Governorate

Turkey – Tuesday, 18 April 2017 – The SRTF Management Unit announced today that extensive repair and maintenance works were carried out to operationalize heavy machinery and equipment for use in solid waste removal activities in Dar’a Governorate. Working in close coordination with local councils, the implementing entity of the SRTF “Solid Waste Management in Six Communities in Liberated Areas of Dar'a Governorate” project completed repairs of 12 tractors and 1 skid-steer loader using spare parts provided by the project for one year.

Worth a total of EUR 3.2 million the project seeks to address the lack of machinery to remove piles of debris and solid waste that have accumulated along roads and squares of townships during the conflict, exasperating the already precarious hygiene and public health conditions. It will directly benefit some 50.000 inhabitants of the six targeted communities.

The project will improve hygiene and public health conditions through its waste management activities pest and insect control measures and prevention of the spread of epidemic infections. It will also create income generation opportunities, particularly for young people, through employment in waste removal activities, training and capacity building exercises for the local councils’ administrative  staff and development of  sustainable  community-based public utility services.


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Solid Waste Management in six Communities in Dar’a Governorate 


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