France and the Netherlands Contribute Eur 5.5 Million to the Syria Recovery Trust Fund

Washington – Friday, 30 December 2016 – The SRTF announced today that it has received two additional contributions of EUR 3.5 million and EUR 2 million from the Republic of France and the Netherlands respectively. The total of France’s contributions has now reached EUR 13.5 million while that of the Netherlands reached EUR 6 million.


Commenting on the news, Eng. Hani Khabbaz hailed the fresh contributions of France and the Netherlands as “a great gesture of support to the Syrian people”.

He said "the SRTF is grateful for the confidence that the two donor countries have put in the performance of the SRTF and in the results it has achieved.” “As we continue to earn credibility and a reputation of being the team that produces results, we shall live up to our donors’ expectations delivering more projects efficiently and effectively,” he added.


Both France and the Netherlands had contributed to the SRTF resources previously and in the case of the Netherlands, this is the third time. The United States has also made a third contribution to the fund’s resources recently. This will allow the SRTF Management Unit to further develop its project pipeline, which currently includes projects worth almost EUR 80 million, in order to accelerate the recovery of public infrastructure and services and help alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people. With many projects implemented or under implementation at a total cost of EUR 86 million, the SRTF is already benefiting some 2 million Syrians in dire need of assistance.


The new contributions of France and the Netherlands brings the total amount of paid contributions from all 12 SRTF donor countries up to approximately EUR 168.2 million. The other donor countries are Germany, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Japan, United Kingdom, Kuwait and Italy. Turkey and Jordan are also members and host countries of the SRTF.

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