Support to Potato Producers in Northern Aleppo – Phase II

Given the notable results of the SRTF’s agriculture projects, namely, “Agriculture Support to Farmers in Northern Aleppo”, and “Support to Potato Producers in Northern Aleppo – Phase I” the SRTF launched a second phase of the latter to help strengthen this vital industry which will reflect positively on the local economy in the region.


Through the second phase of this project, and in coordination with the implementing entity, the SRTF aims to provide 800 farmers with potato tubers and farming equipment that would revitalise and enhance regional food security, while enhancing social and economic standards of potato farmers and targeted communities as well as economic activity in the area as a whole.


The project is expected to:

  • Achieve a swift and direct benefit to all potato farmers within the targeted areas and reduce production costs.
  • Decrease the price of tubers and fertilisers in the market.
  • Increase farmers’ confidence and increase the cooperation and integration amongst regional agricultural institutions and Local Councils.
  • Decrease migration from project locations by improving the standard of living of residents and IDPs through the provision of job opportunities and increased economic security.
  • Strengthen and empower the administrative structure of the implementing entity.
  • Cultivate an estimated 800 hectares with high quality potato tubers.
  • Fertilise project areas and increase the productivity of the cultivated land.
  • Spray 800 hectares of potatoes with insecticide and fungicide.
  • Introduce and train farmers on the Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) best practices, in order to increase their capacity and improve farming skills.


This will be done by implementing the following activities:

  • Purchasing 1,000 Metric Tonnes (MT) of potato tubers.
  • Distributing the potato tuber to 800 farmers across five targeted locations, enabling each farmer to cultivate around 45MT of potatoes from the first harvest and 20MT from the second.
  • Facilitating two harvests of potatoes in order to ensure sustainability, whereby, 80% of farmers will set aside and store a portion from their first harvest for the second harvest, while the remaining 20% will sell their harvest. As a result, the potatoes cultivated from the inputs of this project will be sold in local markets across two seasons and can be a source of continued income for farmers in the region. In turn, from this generated income, farmers can purchase additional seeds and/or tubers, in order to reinvigorate their crops and in turn the local economy, thereby, facilitating long-term economic sustainability.
  • Exporting any surplus potatoes produced.


With a total budget of around EUR 2 million, the project is expected to benefit 800 farmers directly in addition to benefiting their families (around 4,000 individuals) indirectly. An estimated 24,000 individuals are also expected to benefit from this project over a period of 18 months.


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