Agricultural Support to Farmers in Ar-Raqqa Governorate - Phase V

As a result of the notable success of the first four phases of the intervention, “Agricultural Support to Farmers in Ar-Raqqa Governorate”, and in light of the continued need for agricultural and food security support in the region, the SRTF approved the fifth phase of this intervention.


In the previous four phases, which began in July 2018, a total of 5,729 farms of around 18,790 hectares of irrigated land in 24 farmer cooperatives (co-ops) received support from the SRTF. In this phase, the intervention will continue the work started in the previous phases focusing on the provision of agricultural inputs and equipment, complimentary technical inputs, and technical capacity support for six new farmer cooperatives (co-ops) and 1,100 farms of around 3,800 hectares of irrigated land. Following the successes from the previous phases, the implementing partner will focus on two main activities.


The first activity is the provision of high-quality agricultural inputs. These agricultural inputs include mechanization equipment and implements namely 19 tractors, six harvesters, plows, burrows, seeders, ditchers, mowers, sprayers, fertilizer sprayers, conveyors (one of each), and spare parts for the tractors, harvesters and ancillary equipment as well as a supply of and installation of 6 caravans for establishing cooperatives administrative units. Moreover, a supply of wheat seed, fertilizers and agri-chemicals for crop protection, and post-harvest inputs such as polypropylene sacks and tarpaulins will be provided under this phase. Utilizing best practices from the previous four phases, the mechanization equipment will be handed over to the coops via an “Agricultural Machinery Allocation Plan”.


The second activity is technical capacity support for Cooperative Administrative Units (CAUs). The implementing partner will draw upon the experiences from the previous phases to implement new CAUs for the six coops. Each CAU will employ three local women who will receive training in administrative practices in order to effectively maintain the necessary records and data for farmers, operation and maintenance of the equipment, and to ensure the COOPs financial accountability.


This intervention has a budget of EUR 4.6 million and an estimated duration of six months. As a result of this intervention, 1,100 farmers will receive agricultural support, which will benefit the targeted community through increased food security and livelihood support.


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