Sustainable Energy Solar System for Water Pumping Stations in Rural Areas of North Aleppo - Phase I

The onset of conflict in Northern Aleppo caused severe damage to the area’s main energy sources and infrastructure which has led to a 75% loss in power generation capacity. The consequences of these damaged electrical facilities and installations include sporadic power, reliance on high-cost privately-owned generators, increased water prices due to pumping shortages.


In response to this growing problem, the SRTF approved a new project, “Sustainable Solar Energy Supply Systems for Water Pumping Stations in Rural Areas of North Aleppo-Phase I”. This project seeks to remedy this issue by installing a sustainable and renewable system to provide the necessary power for seven existing water pumping stations. This new solar power system will provide a more reliable, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly solution for this issue.


These project activities will take place in two stages: design and implementation. During the design phase, the SRTF and implementing entity (IE) will consult with a photovoltaic (PV) expert who will prepare the design of the solar components’ system required to serve each pumping station.


Following the completion of the design phase, implementation activities will include:

  • Procurement of all required inputs such as consumables and personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Installation of solar power components.
  • Civil works at each pumping stations which include repairing control rooms, fences for the power stations, laying concrete foundations for steel frame stands and mounting bases for solar panels, etc.
  • Technical assistance and training which includes a supply of IT equipment (laptops, printer, internet connection, specialized software, etc.) as well as office furnishings.
  • Training sessions during installation, commissioning of plant, operation, and maintenance practices of PV components.
  • Initiating a Force Account scheme which will include the recruitment and salaries of project’s staff.


The expected outcomes of this project include reduced running costs and improved reliability of the electrical supply for pumping stations, positive environmental impact with a zero-carbon dioxide emission system and strengthened resilience and improved living conditions of communities suffering from water shortages.


This electricity project has an estimated budget of EUR 1.8 million and is expected to last 12 months, with an additional six months allocated for post-implementation monitoring and evaluation. Approximately 165,000 people, including a significant number of internally displaced people (IDPs), will directly benefit from this project. Furthermore, an additional 85,000 people are expected to indirectly benefit.


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