An SRTF Health Project Completes Rehabilitation Activities Post-2023 Earthquake

Türkiye - Wednesday, 15 May 2024 - The SRTF completed rehabilitation-related civil works on the Aleppo Health Directorate building and the Implementing Partner’s warehouses as well as their surrounding courtyards, supported under its Health project; “Rehabilitation of a Medical Facility and Support for Two Health Facilities in Northern Aleppo”, that were impacted by the earthquake that hit Türkiye and Northern Syria in February last year. The rehabilitation works included construction, water and sanitation works, and electrical works.


Such efforts will facilitate the project in achieving its main objective to increase people’s access to essential health services while also decreasing unemployment rates and providing job opportunities to medical staff. This will improve the health and living conditions within surrounding communities, as it will, in the long run, reduce the risk of more complex health issues and limit the spread of diseases.


This project aims to directly benefit around 60,000 patients through health services, over a period of 18 months including six months for post-implementation monitoring and evaluation. Around 335,000 individuals will also benefit indirectly from overall improved health conditions within the communities.



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Rehabilitation of a Medical Facility and Support for Two Health Facilities in Northern Aleppo


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