Rehabilitation and Expansion of the Electricity Grid of a Town in Aleppo Governorate

The low voltage grid in the selected township is old and in need of rehabilitation. It also needs to be expanded due to recent urbanization and an increasing number of internally displaced persons. Furthermore, the township was indirectly affected by air strikes that led to the burning of many transformers, circuit cutters, cables, aerial conductors, fuses, poles holding the grid, and other relevant equipment.


Due to a lack of spare parts, equipment, and electrical materials necessary to maintain this electrical grid, residents of the township suffer from frequent and long-lasting power outages. This has led to the deterioration in the living standards of residents, and it has negatively impacted access to water, health care, and other essential services in the township and surrounding villages. Additionally, the population has more than tripled to about 50,000 people due to arrival of IDPs.


Early Recovery Intervention: As the implementation of the repair of the electric grid is scheduled to take over a year, it is planned to purchase four 240-KVA diesel generators to supply electricity for critical services in the selected location as soon as possible. Diesel costs were subsidized during the initial period of 3 months, that is until the IE has set up a consumer tariff system.


This project addresses the procurement and installation of transformers, circuit breakers and low voltage distribution panels for repairs to the electricity distribution network in the selected township. Additionally, the IE will replace broken fuses, burnt or lost circuit breakers, conductors of various materials, damaged aerial carriers as well as some network support pillars. The project will also rehabilitate the IE facilities.


The SRTF will assist the IE with the procurement of a hydraulic bucket truck for maintenance and rehabilitation works on the network and an underground cable fault detector unit, plus the supply of six motorbikes for the transportation of maintenance crews. In particular, this project involves the following:

  • Procuring and installing four 240-KVA diesel generators;
  • Purchasing and installing 7 new distribution transformers and repairing existing transformers;
  • Installing 645 new electrical posts;
  • Procuring and laying 1.5 km of underground insulated cable of various sizes, plus copper and aluminum conductors for the extension of the grid;
  • Procuring one hydraulic bucket truck for routine maintenance;
  • Procuring one underground cable fault detector unit;
  • Procuring six motorcycles for maintenance crews;
  • Procuring common and specialized tools, plus safety and protective clothing and equipment; and,
  • Rehabilitating implementing entity offices.


The beneficiaries of this project are all the 5,000 households of the township and surrounding villages connected to the grid, plus IDPs (approximately 50,000 persons). Following the completion of this project:

  • the percentage of local residents and IDPs receiving power from the electricity grid will increase from 65% to 90%;
  • the number of hours of power supplied for households will increase from 2 hours per day to 7 hours per day; and,
  • the number of hours of power supplied to providers of essential services will increase from 5 hours per day to 14 hours per day.


Additionally, the capacity of the IE will be strengthened as the electricity service provider for this township. The population will further benefit from increased availability of essential services including the municipality office, three hospitals and one public health facility, six bakeries, 13 schools, one main water supply pump station, and the main post and telecommunications office.


It is expected that this project will last approximately 15 months and will be completed by January 2016. The finance agreement was signed in October 2014. For more information on the project, visit:ürkiye-for-a-number-of-ies-staff-of-several-projects



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