Provision of Solid Waste Management Services in Deir Ez-zor – Phase I

Since the outbreak of the Syrian conflict in 2011, solid waste collection and disposal services have been disrupted across the country, becoming a public health issue in many cities including Deir Ez-Zor province located 450 km northeast of Damascus. It is considered the seventh largest city in eastern Syria with close border with Iraq. Deir Az- Ez-Zor inhabitants mostly live on the west bank of the Euphrates River which divides the city into two parts.  Deir Ez-Zor community has paid a heavy price caused by extensive destruction of infrastructure and residential buildings generating massive amounts of rubble of construction materials around heavily inhabited areas.   It is necessary to re-establish cleaning and collection of waste and management of sanitation services which will be executed in collaboration with an NGO and aims to procure and supply needed services through the following activities: 

  • Provision of solid waste management services and debris clearance from Schools, roads and public areas which will be undertaken is a sequence of sub-activities including.
  • Investigation to classify damaged buildings, debris, hazards and landfill sites.
  • Public consultation with target beneficiaries and local stakeholders, in addition to consultation with local authorities and conclusion of MOU.
  • Risk assessment and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for debris clearance operations.
  • Procurement of equipment and recruitment of required staff which will include Laborers, supervisors, warehouse security, project manager and other support personnel.
  • Waste clearance from schools and public areas such as road and squares in addition to the remnants of destroyed water towers in the targeted locations.


Provision of solid waste management needs assessment which will be performed in parallel with the first activity to provide baseline data on the quantity of waste that needs to be removed, recycling and disposal options, and nature and availability of equipment to support such work.


At a total budget of EUR 264,356, Phase I of this four-month intervention is expected to benefit up to 200,000 people across 15 villages in eastern Deir Ez-Zor through the clearance of solid waste from approximately 34 damaged schools and collecting remnants of 5 destroyed water towers, as well as removing debris from roads, squares and public spaces in the targeted locations. Moreover, 14,800 students and school staff are anticipated to be directly impacted by the clearance of solid waste.  The needs assessment component will pave the way for a larger scale program of works to benefit people in other areas in the province.


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