SRTF Management Unit Held a Training on Wheat Milling for a Number of IE Staff Members in Turkey

Gaziantep - 22 September, 2015 - The SRTF Management Unit concluded a training session for staff members of one of the SRTF’s Implementing Entities (IEs) today.


The training took place at a facility that manufactures wheat mills in Aksaray-Turkey between 19-22 of September 2015. At the training, IE staff members learned how to install, operate, and maintain wheat mills. The SRTF Management Unit secured the transportation of the trainees from Dar’a Governorate in Syria to Turkey through Jordan.


Under the SRTF’s “Storage and Milling Support to the National Wheat Programme” project, four mills will be delivered to various locations inside Syria; three have already been delivered and installed in the north of Syria. Each mill - including the one for which this training was held - is capable of milling at 50 tons capacity per day. The final mill will be delivered to the south of Syria in support of food security.



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