An SRTF Agriculture Project Delivers the Last Batch of Livestock Vaccines in Northern Aleppo

Türkiye – Thursday, 12 January 2023 – The SRTF announced the delivery of the fourth and final batch of vaccines for livestock under its Agriculture project, Support for the Recovery of Livestock Production Within Northern Aleppo (Phase II)”.


The delivery included 228,000 doses of vaccines for sheep and goats and 4,600 doses for calves and cows against Foot and Mouth Disease, as it is an extremely highly contagious viral disease that can severely affect livestock production, thereby, resulting in a major economic impact on livestock breeders.


Building on the previous phase of this project, this phase aims to secure high-quality livestock fodder as well as veterinary vaccines and services for livestock owned by breeders in Northern Aleppo, given the shortage of such goods and services and the resulting loss of livestock recorded in the area over the years. Consequently, this will contribute towards sustaining the lives of breeders’ cattle thereby improving their own economic welfare, as they rely on their livestock’s production as their main source of income.


Additionally, the necessary equipment, consulting services and non-consulting services will also be provided under this project to facilitate the provision of the fodder and vaccines.


With a budget of around EUR 1.55 million, this project directly benefits 11,500 livestock breeders and their 57,500 family members. Of those breeders, 2,680 sheep and goat breeders as well as 1,368 cow breeders have also received feed supplements. This will take course throughout the project’s lifecycle of 14 months (with an additional six months for post-implementation monitoring and evaluation).



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Support for the Recovery of Livestock Production Within Northern Aleppo - Phase II


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