The SRTF to Provide School Furniture to Ten Schools Under A Cash-For-Work Project in Northern Aleppo

Türkiye – Tuesday, 10 January 2023 – The SRTF announced the delivery of school furniture under its Cash-for-Work project: “Rehabilitation of Ten Schools in Rural Areas of Northern Aleppo – Phase I”, today. The items were stored and are planned to be assembled at the 10 schools once their spaces are rehabilitated and ready.


The delivery included two items of playground equipment, two seesaws, two spring riders, 700 desks for students, 46 teacher desks, 84 teacher chairs, 61 bookcases, 45 whiteboards and 22 computer tables.


The overall aim of this project is to promote people’s livelihoods and economic stability as well as provide a safe learning environment for students at these schools. This is done by providing cash-for-work job opportunities to unskilled and semi-skilled workers who will earn income from rehabilitation work at the 10 schools allowing them to secure their basic needs all while providing students with well-equipped and safe learning environments.


With a budget of EUR 1 million, the project will directly benefit 6,010 individuals as well as around 30,050 of their family members indirectly, over a duration of 24 months.



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Rehabilitation of Ten Schools in Rural Areas of Northern Aleppo – Phase I


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