An SRTF Food Security Project Receives Polypropylene and Bread Packing Sacks in Northern Aleppo

Türkiye – Tuesday, 27 December 2022 – Today. the SRTF received 300,000 polypropylene flour sacks, 150,000 polypropylene wheat sacks as well as 65.78 tonne out of the originally procured 75.00 tonne of bread sacks, under its Food Security project “Complementary Project for Enhancing Food Security in the North of Aleppo Governorate – Phase VI”.


The polypropylene wheat sacks will be used to pack the wheat harvested by farmers so it can be mixed with the imported wheat provided by the SRTF to accumulate a sufficient amount for the production of bread, while the flour sacks will be used to pack the flour produced in the mills which will be distributed to the bakeries established under a previous phase of this project. Additionally, the bread sacks will be used to pack loaves of bread produced in the bakeries, each weighing 1.2 kilograms, and sold to beneficiaries in the targeted areas.


The overall aim of this project is to ensure a sustainable supply of wheat and bakery equipment, in order to increase the availability of flour delivered to the bakeries, so that better-quality bread can be produced at affordable prices making it more accessible for people living in surrounding communities.


With a budget of EUR 8.4 million, this project will directly benefit 250,000 individuals per month across eight locations in Northern Aleppo, over a period of 18 months which includes six months for post-implementation monitoring and evaluation.



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Complementary Project for Enhancing Food Security in the North of Aleppo Governorate – Phase VI


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