The SRTF Successfully Completes an Emergency Response Health Intervention in Northeast Syria

Ar-Raqqa – Monday, 26 September 2022 – The SRTF announced the completion of all activities under the heath “Emergency Response for COVID-19 in Ar-Raqqa” intervention, `and its official closure in Northeast Syria.


The aim of this intervention was to support and strengthen the capacity of the public health system in Northeast Syria and mitigate the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).


This was done by establishing a fully equipped Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with a capacity of 20 beds and a 30-bed medical ward, as well as two community isolation centres with a total capacity of 100 beds to treat mild, moderate and critical COVID-19 cases. This came with the distribution of personal protective equipment (including face masks, gloves, sanitisers and goggles) and the provision of awareness sessions to the abovementioned facilities in addition to seven primary healthcare centres (PHCCs) and 63 schools. Additionally, medication was delivered to the hospital, ICU and centres and 20 screening tents were installed outside these facilities in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in them.


Furthermore, the intervention also focused on providing training workshops to health workers in order to build their capacities in serving patients and confronting the pandemic. The topics covered in these workshops revolved around the understanding of the COVID-19 epidemiology and pathology, the criteria for patient admission into hospitals, the treatment and isolation centres, as well as the working knowledge of managing COVID-19 patients. 


With a budget of around EUR 2 million, the SRTF reached over 34,650 beneficiaries under this intervention, of which 243 were COVID-19 patients. The SRTF continues to support the health sector in Northeast Syria.


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