Emergency Response for COVID-19 in Ar-Raqqa

The Coronavirus pandemic, known as COVID-19, is unprecedented in recent history and has spread rapidly; infecting millions of people causing the death of hundreds of thousands of people on a global scale. Many members of humanitarian and medical organizations are highly concerned about the infection reaching Syria, especially the Northeast and Northwest areas, which have very limited access to medical facilities and laboratory diagnostic capacities to allow for effective testing and cure of suspected patients. These concerns are raised due to the high population density in the crowded camps and towns in targeted areas which also provide shelter to thousands of Internally Displaced People (IDPs).


The aforementioned Issue prompted the SRTF to develop an “Emergency Response for Covid-19 in Ar-Raqqa” intervention to support the health service providers in preparation for a possible outbreak of the pandemic in Ar-Raqqa governorate. The intervention will be implemented through an experienced entity, that will coordinate with other actors and relevant assistance and donor platforms to complement the work of others, mitigate any possible overlap with activities funded by other donors. and build synergies for the referral processes.


Activities under this intervention will include:

  1. Establishment of two Community-Based Isolation Centers (CICs) in Ar-Raqqa with a 50-bed capacity. Each center will include observation areas, isolation and case management areas, and recovery areas.
  2. Establishment of hospital-based Isolation and case management, based on WHO guidelines, including observation areas, medical ward, and an ICU, as well as a recovery area with 10 beds.
  3. Procurement and installment of 20 units of triage and screening tents for seven health facilities and one hospital.
  4. Providing a set of training sessions for the staff that covers the different perspectives of COVID-19.
  5. Establishment of a testing unit (PCR Laboratory with all necessary equipment, consumables, staff, and training) with enhanced referral and surveillance systems.
  6. Procurement and dispatch of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for one hospital, seven health facilities, plus two CICs.

At a total budget of EUR 2.024 million, the intervention is expected to benefit 51,276 patients directly and to positively impact the lives of around 1,950,000 beneficiaries indirectly.


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