An SRTF Electricity Intervention Connects One Neighborhood in Al-Raqqa with Power

Ar-Raqqa – Sunday,  27 February 2022 – The SRTF announced the completion of all activities under its electricity intervention, “Rehabilitation of Power Transforming Centers in Raqqa City – Phase II” today.


The completed activities include civil works including repairing and maintenance, the rehabilitation of 14 power transforming centers, the rehabilitation of the overhead and underground low voltage networks, the rehabilitation of medium voltage network in the targeted area.


This completed services will help provide electricity to facilities and institutions in one neighborhood such as a bus station, a stadium, a sports facility, several schools, the offices of several organizations, a hospital, and one fuel station. These facilities were previously operated by generators, and now because of this intervention, the facilities will be operated by regular electricity which will double their work capacity, generator pollution that harms the environment will be prevented, and the residents of the targeted areas will have significantly better living conditions.


With a total budget of EUR 1.5 million, the restored electricity services as part of this intervention are expected to improve the lives of around 30,000 residents living in the targeted areas.


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Rehabilitation of Power Transforming Centers in Raqqa City - Phase II


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