The SRTF Reveals Key Accomplishments in 2021

Amman- Monday 21, February 2022 - The SRTF is pleased to announce its key accomplishments for 2021 that include the launch of 18 new projects and interventions worth EUR 37.1 million in a multitude of key sectors, as well as unique partnerships and milestones which positively impacted the lives of 1.86 million beneficiaries living inside Syria.


During 2021, the SRTF received new donor contributions totaling around EUR 31.1 million, received from Denmark, Japan, the State of Kuwait and Germany. The increased funds raised the total contributions to the SRTF to around EUR 305.7 million securing the SRTF’s position as one of the largest existing recovery trust funds that operate in an on-going, highly complex conflict situation.


This year, the SRTF’s Management Committee (MC) approved eight new projects with a total of EUR 16.9 million committed under its Recovery Programme in the Food security, Health, Access to Finance, Agriculture and Livelihoods sectors in Northern Aleppo. Meanwhile, the SRTF approved 10 interventions under its Stabilization Programme for a total budget of EUR 20.2 million in the Electricity, WASH, Health, Agriculture, and Food Security sectors in Northeast Syria (NES). The approved projects and interventions bring the total funds committed to projects to EUR 205.7 million, of which the total funds allocated to the Filling the Void Programme is around EUR 106.3 million.


2021 also witnessed the launch of the SRTF’s first partnership with The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to support the rehabilitation of a pumping station and related channels in Ar-Raqqa which is estimated to the benefit of around 18,760 beneficiaries.  Additionally, the SRTF approved its first Food Security intervention under the Stabilization Programme in NES which builds on the SRTF’s long experience in this sector in North of Syria.


In terms of impact on beneficiaries for the Recovery Programme; approximately 18,500 farmers benefited from the agriculture projects. Additionally, over 113,340 patients benefited from different health projects and services, including COVID-19 support; 48,000 beneficiaries benefited from the electricity project and around 182,000 beneficiaries benefited from rubble removal project. Additionally, over 228,000 people benefitted monthly from the availability of high-quality bread at affordable prices thanks to SRTF’s continuous support to the food security sector in norther Aleppo.


As for the Stabilization Programme, around 182,300 beneficiaries benefited from different health interventions such as the COVID-19 relief response, primary healthcare services, and PPE distribution interventions. About 381,000 beneficiaries benefited from solid waste and rubble removal intervention, while around 26,800 farmers benefited from agriculture interventions. Moreover, over 1,140 households benefited from different livelihood activities, including Cash for Work (CfW) activities, while over 622,000 benefited from WASH interventions. About 7,240 benefited from shelter rehabilitation assistance while over 44,000 beneficiaries benefited from electrical transformer and urban lighting rehabilitation. Furthermore, 480 entrepreneurs benefited from the Revolving Credit Fund (RCF).


In response to the SRTF’s 2021 accomplishments, the SRTF Director General, Eng. Hani Khabbaz, stated, “Looking at last year’s results with over 1.85 million beneficiaries now experiencing improved quality of life because of the SRTF’s work makes us extremely grateful to the continuous support of our donor members, proud of the results we achieved and determined to set higher goals for this year. And while new challenges will arise, our track record proves our ability to overcome these challenges and attain our goal to help alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people.”


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