The SRTF Completes a Rubble Removal Project in Aleppo Governorate

Türkiye’– Sunday, 9 January 2022 – The SRTF announced the completion and closure of its project:  "Rubble Removal in Eight Communities in Aleppo Governorate, Phase One". The project aimed to provide the technical support and equipment needed to remove piles of rubble from public areas, residential compounds, main streets, and side roads in eight targeted areas. However, and based on a technical planning assessment conducted by an independent contractor, the project targeted four locations in Aleppo at a total budget of the EUR 802,996. A EUR 2,706 surplus from the original allocated budget was released back to the SRTF’s programable funds.


The project addressed urgent needs to improve public health and living situations through its two main objectives; removing the accumulated debris in the residential neighborhoods which had become home to rodents and insects resulting in the spread of diseases, especially in some areas where rubble placed was used as garbage dumps; it also aimed to remove the rubble from the streets and public squares, thereby, allowing the residents to use these streets safely and become accessible within community areas.


The project was 120% successful in road rehabilitation activities with 6 roads cleared of rubble and debris. Around 86% of beneficiaries mentioned that road conditions had improved compared to one year ago and that traveling on the rehabilitated roads was easier compared to one year ago. Moreover, lots cleared of rubble (50 lots of a total volume of 115,190 m3 ) were cleared as part of this project in various areas such as residential areas, hospitals and schools with 100% success.


In terms of impact, the project has benefited 182,000 beneficiaries distributed in 42 towns/villages.  Indirectly, 300,000 beneficiaries will benefit from the debris cleaning activities in 170 towns/villages Northern Aleppo.  In interviews conducted by the IMA with beneficiaries, the respondents confirmed that the project had direct impact in reducing diseases, facilitating the movement of people and children (i.e., students) especially in winter season, it also rehabilitated the agricultural roads, recovering the transportation routes, and helped in city prosperity and improvement in the industrial business.


One female beneficiary attested: “Prior to the implementation of the project, the debris and the waste surrounded the hospital, now that it’s all been totally removed, the situation is healthy, and the image of the city and the hospital is nice.”


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