An SRTF Health Project in Northern Aleppo Receives Orthopedic Implants and Tools

Türkiye – Monday, April 12, 2021 – The SRTF’s ongoing health project, “Rehabilitation of a Medical Facility and Support for Two Facilities in Northern Aleppo”, received a delivery of orthopedic implants and tools, today. A total of 1,354 pieces of equipment and tools were delivered to the implementing entity (IE) including hip stems, acetabular cups, femoral components, tubular inserts, and more. These items will be used for orthopedic surgeries at an SRTF-supported hospital in Northern Aleppo.


This project aims to supply essential implant devices for orthopedic treatments, in addition to rehabilitating an existing medical facility and providing essential medical equipment and consumables. This project also contains a COVID-19 response plan, which includes establishing a laboratory for tests and securing critical COVID-19 supplies. This project has a budget of EUR 3.3 million and is expected to benefit 59,680 patients, as well as 335,400 beneficiaries indirectly.


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Rehabilitation of a Medical Facility and Support for Two Health Facilities in Northern Aleppo


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