The SRTF Illuminates 13 Streets of Raqqa City

Ar-Raqqa – Sunday, March 21, 2021 – The SRTF successfully completed the electricity intervention, “Restoration of Urban Street Lighting in Ar-Raqqa City – Phase I”. A total of 13 streets in Raqqa City have sufficient lighting as a result of this intervention. The SRTF installed a total of 620 electrical lamps and 83 metal lampposts and repaired 227 lampposts.


Streetlights are a critical component of urban infrastructure as they improve a myriad of social and economic issues. Proper streetlighting reduces nighttime accidents, promotes commerce, and improves overall safety in the community.


Around 44,000 people will directly benefit from the new streetlights, as well as the entire population of Raqqa city, approximately 177,000, will indirectly benefit. This intervention had a budget of EUR 792,955.


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Restoration of Urban Lighting in Ar-Raqqa City - Phase I


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