Agriculture Cooperatives in Ar-Raqqa Continue to See Positive Growth as a Result of SRTF Interventions

Ar-Raqqa – Wednesday, 30th September 2020 – The SRTF’s agricultural interventions in Ar-Raqqa continue to produce growth even after the completion of some of its phases. During a recent visit to the completed SRTF intervention, “Agriculture Support to Farmers in Raqqa Governorate Phase II”, which was completed in late 2019, one of the farmers’ coops announced that they achieved a financial surplus as a result of the equipment and machinery procured by the SRTF.


This surplus was used to purchase additional farming equipment, particularly a used pallet for harvesting yellow corn, which will be used to produce additional outputs. The farmers’ coop rehabilitated the pallet with the help of an outside mechanical expert, as well as a past participant of an SRTF-funded vocational training workshop on the operation and mechanical maintenance of the harvesters as well as other agriculture equipment as part of the current intervention, “Mechanization and Training Centers for Agricultural Equipment in Raqqa – Phase I”.


The SRTF continues to support agricultural interventions in Ar-Raqqa with the goal to promote self-sufficiency and enable community growth and stability.  The total combined budgets of both interventions are EUR 8.9 million and at least 4,000 farmers are directly benefiting from the agricultural inputs and training and capacity-building activities focused on improving the overall agricultural situation in Ar-Raqqa.


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