Mechanization and Training Centers for Agricultural Equipment in Ar-Raqqa - Phase I

In the past, Ar-Raqqa Governorate was known to produce a large share of Syria’s important cereal crops until its agricultural productivity came to halt with severe setbacks as a result of its fight for liberation from Daesh. Currently, Ar-Raqqa’s community, and its returning population, remain in great need of support to restore their means of livelihood. For that reason, since 2018, Ar-Raqqa has been a destination of a series of SRTF’s agricultural stabilization interventions under its “Filling the Void” Programme. Under these interventions, the SRTF provided 14 communities with agricultural input and machinery that helped kick start a promising harvesting season in 2019 with 2.6 MT wheat/ hectare.


The latest of these interventions: “Mechanization and Training Centers for Agricultural Equipment in Ar-Raqqa - Phase I” will be carried out in collaboration with an NGO and offers operational and management support to seven cooperatives (COOPs) on the efficient and safe use of all the agricultural machinery supplied by the SRTF in the past few months.


The project’s expected duration is 12 months over two, six-month stages, as follows:

1st stage: Introduction of technical advisory services by selected contractors and establishment of centers at each cooperative location.


2nd stage: Implementation of planned activities and support to farmers from established centers using the agricultural equipment supplied to the COOPs by SRTF Stabilization programme.


To address the identified project activities within the suggested project timeline, the project will work toward the following expected deliverables:

  1. Assessment of locations and establishment of mechanization and training centers.
  2. Assessment of capacities and skills in communities for establishing management teams for each center.
  3. Implementation of main core services to farmers through the established mechanization centers.
  4. Introduce administration procedures and support the COOP team for effective use and application.
  5. Management at each mechanization and training center and coordination with stakeholders.
  6. Two workshops at end of each six-month stage to build on lessons learned.

At a total budget of EUR 2.6 million, the project's direct beneficiaries include:

  • At least 3,000 farmers will positively benefit from the organized and effective planning in agricultural mechanization services provided through the mechanization centers.
  • Up to 200 trainees shall be recruited from project communities for training in the use and maintenance of the agricultural machinery.
  • COOP leaders trained in administrative and management skills.


The positive results achieved through the planned interventions in this project can be replicated in the eight villages and this will extend the positive impact to more beneficiaries.


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