The SRTF Opens COVID-19 Specialized Treatment Center and Two Community Isolation Centers in Ar-Raqqa

Ar-Raqqa – Monday, 21st September 2020 – The SRTF’s COVID-19 intervention, “Emergency Response for COVID-19 in Al-Raqqa” achieved several milestones last month. Notably, a 50-bed, including 20 fully equipped ICU beds, specialized treatment center was opened to treat patients with severe COVID-19 cases. In addition to the treatment center, two Community Isolation Centers (CICs) were established in Ar-Raqqa. Each CIC has a capacity of 50 beds and is separated by gender. These CICs will provide care to COVID-19 patients with moderate or mild symptoms and help reduce the spread of the Virus throughout the community.


Furthermore, the implementing partner supplied and installed 20 screening tents in front of seven primary healthcare centers, one hospital, and two CICs. These screening tents are used to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the hospitals and public health centers. In an effort to protect the healthcare workers at these health facilities and centers, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including goggles, surgical masks, hand disinfectants, coats, and gloves were supplied.


Finally, a four-day training workshop for COVID-19 health workers in Ar-Raqqa was held. This workshop provided participants with an understanding of COVID-19 disease epidemiology and pathology, criteria for patient admission into hospitals, treatment centers, or isolation centers, and working knowledge about how to manage COVID-19 patients. Additionally, participants were able to learn more about the plan that is being followed and public health response and provided them with the skills to train others about handwashing and safe use of PPE.  After the workshop, the healthcare workers committed to implementing the WHO guidelines for COVID-19 at their respective health centers.


This COVID-19 emergency response plan has a total budget of EUR 2.024 million and is expected to directly benefit over 51,276 patients, as well as around 1,950,000 beneficiaries indirectly.


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