The SRTF Intervention "Rehabilitation of a Number of Electrical Transformers in Ar-Raqqa" Makes Progress

Ar-Raqqa –Sunday, 20th September 2020  – During July and August, the SRTF-funded intervention, “Rehabilitation of a Number of Electrical Transformers in Ar-Raqqa” made significant progress on its planned activities. Regarding the rehabilitation of 13 power transformer centers, the civil works focused on the restoration of the transformer houses.


In addition to the accomplished civil work for the power transformer centers, two aerial electrical transformers were installed in August. So far, four out of the five aerial transformers have been installed and the last one will be installed in the coming weeks.


As of August, the number of beneficiaries for the three planned activities under this intervention is 425,000 people, which is 41% more than the original estimated impact. Once these activities are fully completed, these electricity works will provide inhabitants throughout areas of Ar-Raqqa, including Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and two main public hospitals, with access to regular electricity.


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Rehabilitation of a Number of Electrical Transformers in Ar-Raqqa


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