The SRTF Management Committee Approves Two New Projects in Northern Aleppo

Prague- Saturday, 21st  September 2019- The Syria Recovery Trust Fund (SRTF) announced the approval of three new projects of which two are part of its recovery projects in northern Aleppo, approved during its 22nd Management Committee (MC) meeting in Prague. The high priority projects are: “Cold Storage Facility for Perishable Crops in a city in northern Aleppo - Phase I” Project and “Rubble Removal in Eight Communities in Aleppo Governorate – Phase I” A total budget of EUR 4,5 million was allocated for the two recovery projects bringing the number of SRTF’s approved projects to 42 at a total cost of EUR 156,8 including “Filling the Void” interventions.


The first project “Cold Storage Facility for Perishable Crops in a city in Northern Aleppo - Phase I” will cost an estimated budget of Euro 1 million and responds to the lack of efficient cold storage facilities and transportation & marketing necessary to reduce farmers’ post-harvest losses of crops grown in targeted areas. The project will include civil works to rehabilitate a current building with 10 cold rooms at a capacity of 360 m³ each; 2 rooms for admin staff; and a storage area of 316 m² for maintenance equipment. During its18-month duration, the project is expected to positively impact 3,000 potato growers directly, while indirectly benefiting a population of 54,500 people living in targeted areas.


The second project “Rubble Removal in Eight Communities in Aleppo Governorate – Phase I” is 18-month long project comes at a total cost of EURO 3.5 million and aims at bettering the lives of some 339,100 residents in targeted areas through  a number of activities focused on supporting the Syrian Civil Defense (SCD) to be adequately equipped to respond to the needs caused by the conflict in eight communities of Aleppo Governorate and carrying out the controlled removal of rubble from streets,  public squares and unsafe residential structures which have also become as a home to rodents and insects and a major cause of diseases, especially in some areas where rubble locations were used as garbage dumps. By making these streets safe and accessible within community areas, the project will contribute to the return of communities to their normal activities within targeted areas.


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Rubble Removal in Eight Communities in Aleppo Governorate – Phase I

Cold Storage Facility for Perishable Crops in Northern Aleppo - Phase I


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