COVID-19 Emergency Response and Establishment of Secondary and Tertiary Care in Deir-ez-Zor -Phase II

During the implementation period of the previously SRTF funded intervention in Deir-Ez Zor namely “Emergency Response for COVID-19 in Deir-ez-Zor Governorate” from February to August 2021, the supported SRTF hospital under this intervention contributed to the overall treatment of 584 patients and it was evident after analyzing admission rates, available spaces and in conjunction with COVID-19 surge projections that an expansion is needed to provide patients with access to advanced healthcare services such as  pulmonology, hemodialysis, and pediatrics and especially because secondary and tertiary care for both communicable and non-communicable diseases are limited in the area.


Therefore, and in partnership with the same implementing entity, the SRTF launched a new intervention namely, COVID-19 Emergency Response and Establishment of Secondary and Tertiary Care in Deir-ez-Zor -Phase II to improve healthcare services and to address additional health gaps in the region. Under this intervention, the following activities will be carried out:


● Minor construction and rehabilitation work on one building in the selected hospital under this intervention in Dei Ez-Zor. This rehabilitation will divide the existing unit into a COVID-19 ward and a non-COVID-19 ward. Each ward will host separate entrances, a triage area, waiting rooms, water closets, oxygen pipes, and dialysis units. This is to avoid cross-contamination between wards.
●  Procurement of medical equipment, namely a CT scan, 2 kidney dialysis machines (1 machine for COVID-19 cases, 1 machine for non-COVID-19 cases), a power generator, and an oxygen generator with a higher capacity to combine with the existing plant and provide sufficient oxygen. Additional medical supplies and consumables include prescription medication and laboratory equipment.
  • Recruitment of 18 physicians: General Practitioner (9), ICU Specialist (3), Cardiologist (1), Internist (1), Nephrologist (1), Pediatrician (3), and relevant support staff. The support staff will receive remote and in-person training on ICU case management, kidney failure, heart attacks, and other ICU cases from US-based SAMS specialists.
● Establishment of an outpatient and ER treatment center: The selected hospital has three buildings which will be utilized as follows:
-          A COVID-19 unit will be converted into COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 units.
  • The existing staff and administrative unit building will remain the same.
  • A third building which will be rehabilitated to include three consultation rooms, an ER ward, a waiting area, bathrooms, and space for the CT scan, X-ray, ultrasound, pediatric equipment. Pediatric equipment will include infant scales, examination beds, and examination lamps. Rehabilitation work is minimal.
  • Provide safe transportation of approved referrals from other facilities and admitted patients to other specialized hospitals, when needed.
It is estimated that the eight-month intervention will serve around 7,176 beneficiaries directly of which 456 will be potential and confirmed COVID-19 cases in Deir Ez Zor who require isolation and admission and/or intensive care.
Moreover, the intervention will cover a catchment population of approximately 630,000 individuals comprised of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and host community members residing to the east of the Euphrates River. Other beneficiaries will include an estimated 112 technical and administrative personnel, who will receive capacity-building support and salaries during the duration of the project.
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