Agricultural Support to Farmers in Ar-Raqqa Governorate - Phase III

Restoring the agriculture sector in ِAr-Raqqa governorate is critical to stabilization efforts, to enhance the resilience of returning populations, and to improve food production after many years of conflict. The SRTF’s support to the agriculture sector started in July 2018 under phase one of its “Agricultural Support to Farmers” intervention. The work was expanded into a second phase in November, and with this newly approved third phase, the SRTF will scale assistance to additional farmer cooperatives, using learned best practices from Phase I and II including sourcing quality inputs, and accelerated delivery and implementation timelines. 


Phase three of the intervention will introduce a new technical support component to bolster the administrative capacity of all approved cooperatives.  This will allow the SRTF MU to better enable cooperatives to be responsive to member farmers and to collaborate with other organizations that may be able to provide complimentary support. It will use the existing farmers’ cooperatives to funnel agricultural tools, inputs, and equipment to their member farmers. The cooperatives will then provide the inputs to participating farmers. For the large equipment (tractors, harvesters, balers, etc.), the assets will reside with the area cooperative to support future planting/harvesting cycles. These activities will complement the agricultural support being provided under other assistance programs, thus creating a comprehensive package that can support the resumption of local agricultural activities, markets, and economies. Technical inputs, like civil works, tools, and expert advisors will also be provided to enhance farming capacity on associated hectares. This support may include sub-contracting to local companies to clean and repair tertiary canals that directly impact member farmers.  


Worth EUR 9.17 million, this multi-phase intervention is estimated to benefit 2,071 local farmers, their households, and associated workers and cultivate over 7,103 hectares of land, which will strengthen the local economy with increased food security.


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