Provision of PHC Services and Clean Water Supply for Rural Communities – Phase I

Following the end of conflict, residents of Ar-Raqqa have increasingly started to return to their homes. The returnees face significant challenges as they seek to resume to normal life activities. Damage caused by the fighting remains widespread and basic services are unavailable or are extremely limited. Assessments from humanitarian actors and local authorities suggest that access and improvements to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) and health services are the most urgent needs of residents of Ar-Raqqa.


Due to the lack of water tank maintenance and damage sustained during the conflict with Daesh, most household water tanks in the area are damaged, resulting in wide-spread contamination of potable water. The lack of clean water is causing multiple and chronic illnesses. Moreover, with the destruction of most health facilities, the few remaining ones suffer from overcrowding and lack of equipment. The restoration of WASH and Health services are essential to meeting the needs of residents of Ar-Raqqa governorate as they rebuild their life after Daesh.


The “Provision of PHC Services and Clean Water Supply for Rural Communities – Phase I” Intervention is designed to enhance WASH and Health services for residents of three rural communities of Ar-Raqqa Governorate. Implemented by an international NGO with an established presence in the targeted communities, the SRTF will address challenges faced by residents through the following activities:


  • Provision of fully equipped fixed caravan health clinics to deliver basic services to the three targeted rural communities. Each location will receive one fully staffed with medical professionals and equipped with delivering GP, nurse practitioner, and pharmacy services to communities.
  • Provision of ambulances for each community, ensuring most vulnerable patients will receive adequate transport and care.
  • Capacity development of community health care workers.
  • Provision and distribution of 2,000 household water tanks, including all pipes and accessories. As well as provision of 2,000 household Gravity Filtration System.
  • Support of three trash collection trucks, development of proper solid waste dump area, as well as the development of a cash for work scheme to support collection and disposal of solid waste.


Additionally, the intervention will develop and implement a comprehensive hygiene campaign to maximize the benefits of the planned assistance for the targeted beneficiaries. Through weekly household visits and organized public sessions, including women’s groups, this activity will build community awareness on critical health topics including safe water collection, domestic waste management, proper disposal of human waste, among other important topics.

Worth EUR 2.9 million, the intervention is the SRTF’s first to address health and WASH services to residents of Ar-Raqqa Governorate. Implemented, over a six-month period, the support will provide 12,000 people in the targeted communities access to primary health care and WASH services.


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