Reestablishing Seed Production and Multiplication Programmes in Aleppo, Idleb, and Hama Governorates

Prior to the conflict, the local entity responsible for agricultural matters, had more than 150 field vehicles, many warehouses of various storage capacities, and a number of offices throughout Syria. Additionally, the local entity had screening and treating machines to ensure a high quality wheat seed product. They had a capacity of 25,000 tons of screened, treated, and certified wheat seeds every year that they would provide to farmers at reasonable cost.


Since early 2014, warehouses were targeted, as were agricultural machines and equipment. Additionally, the conflict situation in general resulted in a scarcity of spare parts and repeated breakdowns of equipment.


This project aims to provide the local entity, as the project’s Implementing Entity, with the necessary agricultural equipment in order to ensure the continuity of wheat seed multiplication projects. It will procure and deliver equipment and consumables in order to enhance the IE’s operational capacity. Such equipment, among others, includes tractors, harvesters, cultivators, sprayers, belt conveyors, grain cleaning, treating machines, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, vehicle and motorbikes for IE staff transportation.  


In addition, the project will provide training for the local entity's employees that includes:

  • Workshops for seed technicians on the use of appropriate agricultural machinery used in selection and treatment in seed multiplication practices.
  • Workshops on agronomic and field mechanization practices for IE staff to increase know-how and skills on seed multiplication principles and applications.
  • Field day trainings for farmers inside Syria to introduce guidelines applicable for seed multiplication and enhance understanding on the importance to adhere to such practices.
  • Workshops on Inventory-Keeping and Lines of authorities for the entity staff to improve their capacity on preparing and maintaining reliable inventory tables on operational and production process.


The project will also cover the salaries of staff members and will provide the financial resources required for agricultural extension services. Such an effort will substantially enhance the IE’s capacity to perform its duties and strengthen the food security sector in targeted areas of Aleppo, Idleb, and Hama Governorates. Doing so will increase significantly the capacity of the local entity while improving its ability to provide the agricultural inputs for wheat seed production and to offer other related seed input.


As a result, the project will help preserve local varieties of cereal and legumes seed and will increase area cultivated with certified seed by providing farmers with approximately 5,000 tons of screened and treated wheat seed. This quantity is enough to cultivate about 20,000 hectare of farmable land, which will produce roughly 80,000 tons of wheat for flour. The project will directly benefit some 6,750 family members of the contracted farmers. It will indirectly benefit around 2.5 million residents in the targeted areas by enhancing food security and improving the living conditions.


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