The SRTF Completes its First Shipment to Enhance Food Security in the South of Syria

Jordan – Amman – 4 November 2015 – The SRTF Management Unit today completed its first delivery of materials and equipment needed to ensure stable food availability in the southern governorate of Dar’a under the National wheat Programme. The shipment received by representatives of the Syrian Public Establishment for Grain (SPEG) in Amman, Jordan, included high density polyethylene sheets to cover locally harvested and imported wheat and laboratory equipment to analyze wheat for commercial purposes (i.e. humidity, weight, scales, samplers, protein content, etc.).


The SRTF “Storage and Milling Support to National Wheat Programme” project, had completed delivery of similar materials and equipment as well as three wheat mills to the northern governorates of Aleppo and Idleb.


Worth a total of approximately Euro 5.5 million, the project aims to procure and supply SPEG’s operators in the three governorates of 1 million cotton sacks for wheat storage (800,00 for the north and 200,000 for the south); equipment for nine laboratories; and four wheat mills (three for the north and one for the south) to secure availability of wheat flour for households and bakeries in the selected areas. As a result, the project will increase storage capacity for wheat procured by SIG, boost the milling capacities inside Syria and improve food security for some two million Syrians in the target areas.


The SRTF-MU will continue its deliveries to the Governorate of Dar’a through Jordan until completion of all shipments planned under this project.




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