SRTF Management Unit Provides Health Project Staff in Northern Syria with Training on the Use and Maintenance of Oxygen Generators

Gaziantep – Tuesday, 20 October 2015 – Four staff members of Idleb Health Directorate and a hospital of a city in Aleppo Governorate ended a two-day training course on the use and maintenance of oxygen generators in Istanbul, Turkey, today.


Organized by the SRTF Management Unit in the premises of “Ideal Makina” factory, where the generators are made, the training covered illustrative explanations of the main parts of the oxygen generation machine, the processes of generation from the start to the final product, including filling cylinders of medical oxygen, routine maintenance and installation errors. The training included practical exercises carried out by the trainees, who will actually work as one team on installing, operating and maintaining three oxygen generators expected to be delivered to hospitals in Idleb Governorate and a city of the Aleppo governorates within the next few days.


The generators are purchased by the SRTF-MU and delivered to the end user medical service providers under the SRTF “Support to Health Services in Idleb Governorate” project and “Support to Health Services of a Hospital in a City of Aleppo Governorate” project.



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