The SRTF Begins Rehabilitation of the Potable Water Supply Network in Aleppo Countryside

Gaziantep – Wednesday, 14 October 2015 – The SRTF Management Unit (MU) announced today the start of implementation of its “Rehabilitation and Restoration of Potable Water Supply Network in Aleppo Countryside” project.


Worth a total of approximately Euro 5.23 million, the project aims to provide some 234,000 inhabitants of Aleppo’s countryside with potable drinking water. It will result in complete rehabilitation of damaged water distribution systems in 21 identified communities, rehabilitation of wells by equipping them with submersible pumps and installation of filtration and chlorination systems.


The project provides for procurement of equipment for wells, manhole works, earth moving equipment, control panels, generators and transformers. It also covers construction of some water towers, and tanks, pump stations, chlorination plant installation at each location, borehole drilling damaged pipes’ replacement and rehabilitation of damaged facilities (i.e. tanks, towers and pump stations, etc.)




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