The SRTF Delivers Medical Equipment and Supplies for Hospitals in Aleppo and Idleb Governorate

Gaziantep – Friday, 18 September 2015 – The SRTF Management Unit delivered medical equipment and supplies for a hospital in a city in Aleppo Governorate and for other hospitals in the Governorate of Idleb today. The deliveries were received by representatives of the hospitals at a zero point on the Turkish-Syrian borders.


Under the SRTF “Support to a Hospital in a City in Aleppo Governorate” project, the delivery included different medical equipment, namely two ICU ventilators for adult patients, two ICU ventilators for children, six patient bed side monitors,

one biochemistry analyzer, one infant resuscitation table, different surgical instrument sets, ECG devices and nebulizer. In addition, the delivery also included laboratory reagents and consumables to cover six months of operations in that hospital.


The project aims to improve the health conditions of the targeted city inhabitants by ensuring the availability of appropriate hospital equipment and essential medication supplies.


Under the SRTF “Support to Health Services at Hospitals in Idleb Governorate” project, the Implementing Entity received different medical equipment,including one advanced blood gas analyzer, four bed side monitors, four ICU ventilators for children and adult patients and five IV fluid pump sets.


The project aims to improve the health care service in Idleb Governorate through procurement and installation of medical equipment, such as oxygen generators and filling systems, as well as medication supplies for various hospitals and clinics. Over 250,000 people are expected to benefit from the two projects.




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