An SRTF Agriculture Project Distributes Fertilisers to Farmers in Northern Aleppo

Türkiye – Monday, 10 April 2023 – The SRTF announced the delivery of 400 MT of fertilisers to 2,000 vegetable farmers and 850 MT of fertilisers to 2,000 wheat farmers under its Agriculture project, “Support Farmers for the Production of Wheat and Vegetable Crops in Northern Aleppo”, today.


The distribution of fertilisers ensures that all farmers have access to adequate resources to support their harvest. The fertilisers are used to strengthen root growth, encourage blooming and improve plant health in general, thereby, boosting vegetable crop and wheat production.


This project aims to rehabilitate wheat and vegetable crop production in Northern Aleppo, by providing farmers with wheat and vegetable seeds, fertilisers, agrochemicals as well as other agricultural inputs. These in addition to the training sessions farmers attend on the rehabilitation of the agriculture sector throughout the project’s life cycle, would contribute to revitalising and enhancing food security in the region, thereby achieving the wider aim of the project and ensuring the long-term availability of crops.


Sami, a farmer beneficiary, told the SRTF: “I received fertilisers so I can plant the wheat seeds I have. This support provided by the SRTF will reduce financial costs for us and improve our living conditions.”


Hussein, an Agricultural Engineer working with the Implementing Entity, told us: “The support provided by the SRTF is excellent, we are grateful for their efforts. As for farmers, they are supplied with seeds and fertilisers, which will reduce the burden of securing the financials for farming. This support will also help farmers in managing their land and continuing the farming process without any disruptions.”


With a budget of EUR 3 million, 4,000 farmers (2,000 wheat farmers and 2,000 vegetable farmers) and their 20,000 family members will directly benefit, over a period of 18 months, including six months for post-implementation monitoring and evaluation. Additionally, 95,000 individuals per month will benefit throughout the project’s duration through the milling of the harvested wheat. This will ensure farmers are sustained through long-term crop production, thereby, improving their living conditions as well as employment rates in the area.



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