The SRTF’s Food Security Project Phase Four Successfully Completes its Life Cycle

Türkiye – Monday, 19 December 2022 – The SRTF is proud to announce the successful completion and closure of its Food Security project:Complementary Project for Enhancing Food Security in the North of Aleppo Governorate (Phase IV)”, which aimed to stabilise and improve the food security situation by ensuring access and improving the quality of bread, thereby reducing overall bread costs to the benefit of Syrian families living in the northern area of Aleppo Governorate.


To accomplish its objective, the project targeted the replenishment of 10,000 MT of soft wheat stocks which were procured and milled at four SRTF-supported mills to mitigate against a shortage of flour supplied. The project also provided key consumables such as  (agrochemicals, PP flour sacks, PE HDPE sheets, salt, and yeast for bread baking) which were delivered under this project. The support helped improve bread production at various bakeries as well as improve the latter’s operational capacity and strengthened the bread supply chain (from bakeries to beneficiaries).


As a result of this effort, a monthly average of 222,321 bread consumers directly benefitted from the milling operations between May 2021 and November 2021.


In an interview with Omar, a Syrian beneficiary, he expressed his appreciation saying: “ In the past, bread bundles weighed much less which was very challenging to us with half a Kilogram of bread sold for 5 TLE. Today, a bundle of bread includes 14 loaves, weighs 1.2 KG and is sold for 2TLE. We hope to God to continue to see such support which reduces the suffering of the Syrian people.”



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