The SRTF Successfully Concludes a Health Project in Northern Aleppo Countryside

Türkiye – Sunday, 18 December 2022 - The SRTF is pleased to announce the successful completion of its Health project: “Support to Health Services in Northern Aleppo Countryside” with a positive impact on the living conditions of the targeted community.  The project set out to increase the quality of essential health services provided in the northern Aleppo countryside, decrease mortality and morbidity rates, and increase the quality and quantity of the implementing entities’ (IE) capacity and performance.


Through a series of activities that included civil works, various deliveries, and capacity building for the (IE), the SRTF-funded project was successful in rehabilitating three targeted hospitals, two (2) warehouses, two (2) training halls and one (1) ambulance maintenance centre which was established under this project.


Additionally, the SRTF also fully equipped the IE’s HQ and its facilities by providing fixed assets and consumables including medicines and laboratory consumables for health centres, consumables for ambulances maintenance works, and consumables for the maintenance of warehouse vehicles.


As a result, and throughout the project duration, the project benefitted 320,724 direct beneficiaries, which included patients who received diagnostic medical services from the primary health care centres (PHCCs) (300,624) and ambulance services from the IE’s Ambulance Network in five hospitals and two PHCCs.  Of the 300,624 patients who received diagnostic services, 157,296 patients also benefited from pharmaceutical services, and 1,007 patients benefited from orthopaedic surgery services in two hospitals and one PHCC.


The Independent Monitoring Agency (IMA) conducted a total of 127 visits, including admin visits, field visits, community impact assessment visits and beneficiary satisfaction visits, and found that patients were satisfied with being well received and their needs well treated at the health facilities which were clean, hygienic and located in a safe location.


In an interview by the IMA, one female patient shared: “The existence of the health facility and the provision of high-quality health care services is a relief for us, and it reduced the burden of travelling long distances to receive health care services”.


Another expecting mother said: “I visit the health facility to follow up on my pregnancy, and I always feel comfortable when visiting the health facility”.



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Supporting Health Services in the North Aleppo Countryside


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