An SRTF Agriculture Project Started the Distribution of the 100 MT Wheat Seeds it Received in Northern Aleppo Today

Türkiye – Sunday, 20 November 2022 – The SRTF announced that under its Agriculture project, “Support Farmers for the Production of Wheat and Vegetable Crops in Northern Aleppo”, 100 MT of wheat seeds were received and have started being distributed to farmers today.


The amount of wheat seeds received is part of a greater procured amount of 1,000 MT which will be delivered throughout the duration of the project to 2,000 wheat farmers.


This project aims to provide farmers with locally produced wheat seeds among other types of vegetable seeds including cucumbers and beans, as well as fertilisers, agrochemicals, plastic greenhouses and other inputs, to support those farmers by improving and expanding their wheat and vegetable crop production. The farmers will also be provided with training sessions on the rehabilitation of the agriculture sector. These outcomes combined would in turn revitalise and enhance food security in the region.


Basel, a 27-year-old beneficiary, told us: This is the first time I receive support from the SRTF. I’ve already prepared the land; I was just waiting to receive the seeds so I can start planting them. Generally, prices have been rising year by year; seeds, fertilisers, and agrochemicals have become very expensive. We’re forced to use agrochemicals so the harvest produced is of good quality. This support will definitely improve my living situation, it will save us around half of the expenses, as the price of wheat seeds is currently very high.”


With a budget of EUR 3 million, this project is expected to directly benefit a total of 4,000 farmers and their 20,000 family members, across six locations and over a period of 18 months, including six months for post-implementation monitoring and evaluation. Additionally, around 95,000 individuals are expected to benefit per month through the milling of 12,000-15,000 MT of wheat which will be produced across those locations and throughout the project’s lifecycle. This will reduce rural poverty and unemployment in the areas of implementation, while also ensuring farmers become self-sustained through long-term crop production.



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Support Farmers for the Production of Wheat and Vegetable Crops in Northern Aleppo


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