The SRTF Releases a New “Complaints and Suggestions” Hotline Number

Thursday, 1 September 2022 – The SRTF recently released a new “Complaints and Suggestions Hotline” number in replacement of the old Hotline number which will continue to be active up until mid-September 2022.


The new Hotline number (+1 438 465 4466) and the SRTF Hotline email addresses were reprinted on stickers and will be distributed at all SRTF supported project sites and facilities in replacement of the old Hotline number inside Syria.


It is noteworthy that all suggestions and / or complaints received via the SRTF Hotline number or the assigned Hotmail email addresses are reviewed in a confidential manner by the Ombudsperson.


The Ombudsperson is a designated individual that remains independent and neutral from the SRTF governance bodies and provides conflict resolution and problem-solving services for  the SRTF stakeholders and / or beneficiaries. The Ombudsperson is appointed by the Steering Board of the SRTF and operates independently of the SRTF Management Unit (MU).


All suggestions and complaints will still be processed through the current Hotline number till September 15th, 2022.


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