The SRTF Agriculture Project Receives Soil Preparation Equipment for Potato Production in Northern Aleppo

Türkiye – Monday, 27, June 2022- The SRTF’s agriculture project “Support to Potato Producers in North Aleppo” announced receiving a delivery of soil preparation equipment and a potato planter to prepare the soil for potato planting, today.


The equipment consisted of two-row soil preparation machines to prepare the soil and open rows for potato tubers planting; four rotary power harrows which remove weeds and level the ground making it suitable for farming; four stone pickers to prevent damage to any farming machinery working in the same area; four manure spreaders which consist of a trailer towed behind a tractor with a rotating mechanism used to distribute manure over a field as fertilizer; four double axles to transport agricultural inputs from the fields and four row-potato planters.


With a total budget of EUR 1 million and a 12-month life cycle, the project is expected to benefit 700 potato farmers and around 5,600 family members directly through providing agricultural machinery that will help them cultivate an estimated area of approximately 2100 hectares, at an average rate of 3 hectares per farmer.


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Support to Potato Producers in North Aleppo 


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