The SRTF Signs an Euro 3 Million Financing Agreement to Help Rapid Response to Restore Essential Services in Syria

Gaziantep – 24 March 2015 – The SRTF and the Syrian Rapid Response Projects Unit signed a financing agreement to fund the SRTF “Filling the Void Project in Syria” here today. The Project, worth a total of approximately Euro 3 million, aims to set up a facility that will respond rapidly to the need of restoring essential services in areas liberated recently by the moderate opposition forces. The agreement was signed by Hani Khabbaz, Director-General of the SRTF, and Ibrahim Almeriy, General Coordinator of the Rapid Response Projects Unit.


The SIG Prime Minister, Dr Ahmed Toma, attended the signing ceremony. Speaking during the event, Dr Toma commenced the work of the SRTF in alleviating the suffering of the Syrian people, and underlined the importance of the SRTF’s initiative and this project in ensuring the resumption of normal life activities and essential services to the Syrian communities in re-liberated areas. He said: “Rapid interventions to deliver equipment and materials for services restoration are essential to provide vital services to the Syrian people in recently liberated and re-liberated areas.” “The return of normality will help swiftly raise the living standards of families in these areas,” he added.


The on-going conflict has caused extensive damage to infrastructure in sectors that the SRTF seeks to rehabilitates. These include, among others, water and sanitation networks, waste management services, health services, electricity networks, and educational facilities. In order to quickly legitimize the forces responsible for the liberation of these territories, rapid recovery interventions are essential.


The project provides for procurement and storage of pipes, pumps, and tools for water supply repairs; small earth moving machines for solid waste management and rubble removal; basic tools for repairing electricity networks; furniture and prefabricated units for the education and health sectors; and medical goods and some consumables for the health sector. Placed under the direct supervision and management of the SRTF Management Unit (MU), the project will help expedite the delivery of these items to areas re-liberated from ISIL or areas where windows of opportunity may be identified for rehabilitation and recovery of critical infrastructure and essential public services in the villages, towns, and communities post-conflict.


The project’s delivery will be completed within nine months.



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